expression in "filter" knob

If you want to add expression at "filter" in Transform node or Reformat node,

ノード選択してコピーして、Script Editorでペーストする。
Select the node and copy and then paste in Script Editor.

ここでnameの直前に、インデントをあわせて、filter {{Transform1.filter}} を加える。
Here, you just need to add "filter {{Transform1.filter}}" avobe the "name" line. Please don't forget there should be " " means space at the top of this line, I mean it's kinda indent.

 filter {{Transform1.filter}}

In this case, this is the "link" to the "filter" knob of Transform1.

あとは、このScript Editorの内容をノードグラフすればTransform1のfilterにリンクしたTransformノードができる。
And then, once you copy and paste these code in Script Editor on NodeGraph, you'll get Transform node which has the expression for "Transform1" in its filter knob.

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